A kiss for boss everyday

Boss should be kissed by all his lady staffs everyday before the starting of the work. Don’t think that it is from some film. It is real and is happening in china.

The incident is going in the Tongshu branch of a company based in Beijing. Routine starts early morning at nine o clock. The ladies have to stay in a line. This standing is to kiss the most senior official in the office, that too in lips.

When inquired company about the same, it came forward with an explanation. It is to stabilize the relationship between the staffs and company. The company also added that a good work culture has been made through it and is an excellent one.

According to the news agency sou, many companies in China is following this weird trick to stabilize their relationship with staffs. Recently two girls resigned from their new job because of this kiss rule. they found it too heavy on them.

Some people are favouring this but some are against this. Some organisations have come forward saying that this is an exploitation of girls in the name of job and it could not allowed any further. Some girls working in these offices also spoken against this.

Chinese government is yet to come forward with an explanation. It will be interesting to see what the government is going to do. All eyes on Government.

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