petrol pump – cheating

Petrol pump cheating are increasing day by day. They are introducing new techniques for the cheating. I had recently witnessed such a cheating. When i was in a petrol pump, a car came and asked fill for Rs 1000. The filler was previously filling a bike for 100 rupees.

As soon the car owner asked for filling, he started to fill the car without resetting the machine to zero. So instead of filling from 0 to 1000, he is filling from 100 to 1000. Epic way of cheating. The car owner caught him immediately and inquired about him. This is one way of cheating.

The video here is showing us another form of cheating. May be the guy asked for a large quantity of petrol. For large quantities of petrol the machine is set in such a way that for the first few hundreds there is absolutely no filling of petrol.

This is what exactly shown here. May be this thing happened to a truck driver. These kinds of cheating took place in large fillings where they can earn something. Sometimes cheating take place in small fillings also.

The first step to escape from such cheating is to ensure that the meter reading is set to zero before filling. Have an eye on the meter during filling. Try to fill in liters like 5 liter. To check the meter is correct try to fill in some random number like 111, 243 etc.

Before asking for such fillings, make sure that you have change. Otherwise it is gonna bite you back. Not every one is cheater. As in many cases here are also some bad guys who uses malpractice. Adulteration is common in remote areas.

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