A Real Transformer

We all love robots in the Transformer film. They have large number of fans all over the world because of their technical aspects and quality. Have you ever thought of seeing a real transformer ? Atlast a real transformer has been made. I am not joking, seriously a turkish company has made an orginal transformer. The company named Lestrons is behind the huge invention. The photos and videos of the giant has made the internet world upside down.

The company created the first transformer using a Bmw model car. it works on a remote controlled system. As in the orginal film, the BMW parts have been assembled to build the robot. Instead of the name transformers, they call the robots a new name, Lestrons. The name assigned to the robots is simillar to their company name. Even though the name is not so exciting, their product is a promising one. For a year, a number of engineers in the company has been working behind the project. At the initial stage they managed to develop a fully working prototype. This is prototype is name as ANTIMON.

At first look, they look like an usual BMW car, working with the help of a remote controlled system. With a touch of a button in the remote, the car transforms into a giant robot with arms. They exactly look like the transformers in the film. The arms are movable and have a powerful wrist action. But there is no walking movement. According to the makers, walking movement can be included in the robot with extra funding they required for the system. They are in search of such a funding and is expected to find one soon.

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