A stroy of women

A women have been killed by around 50 stray dogs. The incident took place in pulluvila, near Thiruvananthapuram. Shilu amma of Chimbakanthura is the victim. Hands and legs were completely torn by dogs, when her son found body near the seashore.

Yesterday evening, shilu amma went to the seashore as usual. But didn’t came back in time. So her son Selvaraj went outside in search of mother. When he was passing near the seashore he noticed a group of dogs eating something. He went near the dogs and found it to be his mother. With the help of some neighbours he was able to ran off the dogs and recovered her body. She was alive and was rushed to the nearest hospital. But sadly on the way to hospital she died.

According to local residents, a group of 50 stray dogs attacked the mother. People are fearing to go out because of these aggressive stray dogs. Another local resident, Daisy has also been attacked by these dogs and is admitted to the hospital with serious injuries.

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