Atlast the lucky man came to the limelight. According to the latest reports Ganesh, a resident of cheramangalam in palakkad district has won the Onam bumper lottery of eight crore rupees. With this revelation all the wild guesses abouth the onam Bumper came to an end. Ganesh is a workshop worker at Thrissur. He bought a onam bumber lottery ticket on his way back to home during onam holidays. He kept the lottery ticket at home and returned for work after the holidays.

Eventhough he heard about the news of missing lottery ticket, he never thought of the ticket. After two weeks of work, he returned back to home yesterday. He looked the ticket casually with the news paper and found the number matching. Still Ganesh is in the shock about the lottery. He is youngest son of Gopalan – Devika couple.

With this incident Vishal Chandran from Kayamkulam would have taken a breathe of relief. The man thought himself as the winner of the onam bumper. When he searched for the ticket he found it missing and later came to know that the ticket was burned to ashes by his wife. Anyway he didn’t have to feel unlucky anymore.

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