act on a moving train

These are some crazy youngsters who don’t care for their life. What they are doing on a moving train is Utmost terrifying. The show performed by the boys is absolutely wrong and cannot be justified in any manner. The boys seem to be well aware of the train movements and poles along the laneways. The stunts performed by the boys are extremely dangerous and cannot be permitted anymore. The authorities should take proper action against these stunts. At one point one boy seemed to lose his hold in the train and it was a narrow escape for the boy. Life is precious and one shouldn’t throw their life so easily like these boys.

According to latest reports, 12 men lose their life everyday in India. Majority of these hazards happen due to the carelessness and stupidity on the part of the deceased. The people are not even ready to mind or care the gap between rail tracks and them. They breach all the limits and ultimately fall into troubles. Even though there is a bridge provided for crossing of platforms, most of the people crosses railway lines for platform crossing. This is extremely dangerous and people are not ready to accept the fact. Mostly senior citizens face troubles in railway station.

Recently three youngsters tried to pose a daredevil in the middle of railway track. The track was a active one in which a train was about to come in less than 5 minutes. Luckily they got noticed by the railway officials and was removed from the track. They have put their life on stake for just a photograph. This is terrible and the government have to find a solution for these problems.


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