amazing dosa making

This is one Giant dosa. The guy in the hotel is making a big dosa. I have never seen a dosa like this in my entire life. The dosa is so big that atleast 4 people can feed on it. On further investigation we were able to know that the guy who is making the dosa has broken the world record for the biggest dosa. That’s amazing, isn’t it ? If you are a Dosa fan and like to watch varieties this one is for you. Probably the guys who have ordered the dosa have shot the video and uploaded on social media platforms. The cook is spreading dough for 3 dosas in the pan. The three are big enough and touches each other. Later the cook connects the three dosa’s with excess dough and ghee is poured on the top of the dosa. When it becomes half cooked, the guy spreads a mixture of powder in the dosa. When it is cooked enough the guy rolls the dosa into one straight roll. Dosa is placed in four plates. That means the dosa is enough for four persons to eat. If you are a dosa lover you should try this one.

Today we are gonna tell few tips on how to make a crispy dosa. Making crispy dosa is a dream for everyone and only a few can master it. First of make sure that the proportion of rice and lentil in the dough is correct. Also the fermentation process should be correct. You have to give enough time for the batter to settle through the fermentation process. Otherwise the dough loses its uniform consistency and stop spreading uniformly when dosa is made. so dough consistency is important. Once you have left the dough for fermentation, you can get the idea whether the dough is fermented or not by smelling it. When the dough is fermented you will get a smell. Always heat the tawa for 10 minutes before pouring the batter. sprinkle water to absorb excess heat in the middle of the cooking.

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