Amazing Roti Maker

Food items like chappati, paratta,roti are hard to make and are time taking. It can literally take hours. Making a soft chappathi is a dream for many and sometimes it is automatically converted into other like roasted pappad etc. Most of the beginners will find it hard to a make chappathi that is soft and chewy.

But there are some specialist guys who can make 10 chappatis in one minute. Believe me ,its not a cooked up story. The man seen in the footage is such a guy and you can watch the ease with which he is doing it. It is quick and efficient. He spreads a chappati dog in just seconds and throw it away for cooking. The chappati rolls are perfect and well shaped.
Such a fast cooking can be only achieved through years of practice and hard work. Only an experienced hard worker can do this type of cooking. If you are not so experienced in cooking, try this at your own risk.

We can’t tell you how to do like this man. But we can give you some tips on how to make your chappathi softer. Control the quantity of water used for making chappatis. It varies from flour to flour. Do not pour water on the dough. Sprinkle water in small quantities. You should roll the chappati in uniform size, otherwise it will not puff at certain places. Do not dust your chappathi in excess. It will end as dry. Also don’t keep dough in contact with air for a long time. It will make chappathi hard.

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