Andriya – Latest Photoshoot

At the start, I was eagerly trying to figure out what this girl is going to do. Exactly after 20 seconds i was able to understand the little girl is going to perform some serious stunts. Adding to my shock and despair, She was riding a superbike which costs over a lakh in a public road. The girl is accompanied by a man, who looks matured but not like so from his behaviour. A guy in the car who is following the little girl, shot this footage. He is also giving instructions to the girl what to do next.

I would call it terrible rather than fantastic. Things like this can go wrong at any give time. Also the stunts are performed in a public road. The traffic seems a little than usual. But it doesn’t matters. A simple fault can induce serious damages. The guy siting at the back of the bike should have refrained the young girl from doing such things. But he really sits back and enjoys the whole show. It is clear that the girl have put some amount of effort to perform at a level like this. It is laudable. But things like this in a public road is not appreciable.

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