Apple Plucker

This is an Amazing way to pluck apples. Eventhough it look a little bit funny, it is one of the most effective method to collect fruits in a short span of time. The machine uses vibrational forces for the job. The syestem contains a holder, shaker and collector. These three are attached to a vehicle that has bigger tyres than ordinary ones. Large vibrational force is used on the tree, but it doesn’t damage the tree. The trees are smaller in size. If you are thinking such a huge force applied on the smaller tree can damage it, you are wrong. Because the vibrational force is applied on the tree from all the directions. so it neutralises each other respectively in all directions.

First of the vehicle moves near to the tree, in which the fruits are needed to pluck. Using the holder it holds the tree. Holder has a vibration producing mechanism, which produces a large vibrational force. It does not affect the tree in any manner. After holder holds the tree in such a position, it spreads the collector around the tree, to collect the apples. The collector is spread-ed all around the tree, so that it can effectively collect all the apples. After collecting all the apples, the vehicles moves near to a crane, where apples are unloaded and the process is repeated again.

Apple is one of the most nutrient fruit on earth. An apple everyday keeps the doctor away is the old verb we usually hear. Actually it is true. The vitamin content in this fruit is huge and cannot be compared with any kind of fruits. It wins the race single handedly. But make sure that you are eating apples without wax coating. Otherwise it can deliver the opposite effect.

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