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Breakfast is somthing one should not skip at any cost. One should include adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins in their food. According to latest survey conducted by a government institute, 20 percent of the total human population skips the breakfast everyday. This is a serious issue and should not be allowed to continue. Breakfast helps in the metabolism of our body and keeps the brain activities going. So skiping breakfast can cause serious health problems.

According to doctors, one should include atleast a fruit in his breakfast. The other things to be included in the menu are dairy items like milk, butter etc, bread and eggs. During the entire night our body gets dehydrated. So when you wake up drink a glass of water in empty stomach. It can do wonders to your health. Try to avoid coffee. It delivers calories equal to two icecreams into your body.

One need atleast 20 grams of protein in their breakfast. A egg contains 7 grams of proteins. So you have to include more vegetables and fruits to your plate to balance the nutrient content. Let us discuss some of the important nutrients one have to include in their diet inorder to have a healthy breakfast.

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