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You may know this girl whose name is Induja prakash. She has intervened in various social issues through her facebook account and protested publicly for against many social evils. But its very sad to hear what she had to face for such things.

The brave lady has come forward with a video post to manage some guys in the facebook. These guys who stay behind the screen is abusing her for her recent intervention in public issues. They have posted some extremely rash comments on her wall just to demotivate her.

When this attack crossed a particular limit the young blood decided to send a loud and clear message to these so called brave men. In this message she openly admits that some comments made by them are extremely painful and cannot be allowed any further.


Some people even started to abuse her father and mother in the comments. Induja also said that parents are valuable for everyone and it is her parent’s value that teaches her to not to respond in the same way.

Induja also sents a loud and clear message to these abusers. She reminds them that this is the last time she will be saying this and next time abusers will get a new result. She also added that it is challenge to those abusers to come forward and abuse her.

The video post had become viral all over the internet and hundreds of people have come forward to support her. I don’t think that those abusers will any more dare to abuse her. They got what they actually deserved.

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