Bahubali – Pacha Bottasi

India’s biggest grosser Bahubali’s second part shooting is going on. But still the news of a scene in the first part of the film is going viral all over the internet. The controversy is about Tamanna”s appearance in the “pachai thee” song in the first part. The actress is seen as extremely glamourous in the song. Tamanna portrayed the role of Avanthika, a warrior. The song have been dragged into the controversy for sometime. To end the headlines, the actress has come forward to explain what had actually happened in the song.

In the song, the main hero is trying to undress Avanthika without her permission. Critics dragged the issue into headlines for many days. But tammana revealed that she had never undressed in the song. The scene in the film and the actual picturisation is very different. The technicians used a lot of techniques to increase the beauty of the scene. So nothing was real.

Tammana also said that she have done a lot of dance and song in the first part. but the second part is exactly opposite. There is a lot of action. For this she learned horse riding and archery. She also didn’t answer the question why kattappa killed bahubali as it is a violation of her signed agreement.

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