Benefits of Banana Peel

Benefits of Banana Peel – After reading this article, i am sure that you will not throw away the banana peel  anymore. The uses of banana peel are listed below

1. Whitening of teeth

Banana peel contains certain compounds which can brighten your teeth. Rub the banana peel on your teeth for a month, you will see gradual improvement in the whiteness of your teeth.


2. Wart removal using banana peel


Warts on your skin can be removed using banana peel. Night time is the ideal time for this technique as you are not going out. Clean your wart and place the peel on the top of the wart. Stick it there with tape. Leave it there and sleep. Repeat the process and you will see the wart disappearing gradually. It also prevents warts coming in future.



3. Wrinkle treatment

Rub the banana peel to the wrinkled area and leave it for 30 minutes. Repeat the process for a month. You wil see wrinkles disappearing.


4. Acne control using banana peel

Banana peel also helps in acne control. Apply banana peel to acne affected areas and leave it for 20 minutes. Repeat this process for a month. Banana peel nourishes our skin and thus it removes acne.


5. Pain relief

Rub the banana peel in the body parts where you have pain. It gives relief from pain instantly as it is an excellent analgesic. If still pain persists consult a doctor.

6.  For weight loss

Banana peel can reduce your body weight. It contains a large amount of potassium and fiber. These particles increase the body metabolism and burn calories quickly.

7. To Tender chicken

Banaa peels can be found in a wide range of recipes. It can also be used to tender chicken.

8. Use as polish

Rub the banana peel on shoes, leathers and other as a polish. It make them shine instantly.

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