Best father of the year

Best father of the year- Literally parents can do anything for their children. Nobody will dare to argue on this point. If you still have a doubt on your mind, read about the incident happened in Pennsylvania.

A photo have been uploaded on social media site, facebook showed a father sleeping beneath the cradle of his daughter. The photo went viral on the facebook. Till now this amazing photo got over 24000 likes and 40000 shares. The photo was uploaded by Amy pamer, the mother of the child.

The incident took place in a hospital at Pennsylvania, where this child was admitted for severe fever. After long continuous night shifts of hard work, Andrew pamer rushed to the hospital to see his little angel. He controlled his hunger and slept beneath his daughter. From the photo it is evident that the room is so small, still he managed do it.

Amy said that Andrew deserves the best father of the year award. Presence of our parents around us can do wonders, especially when we are down with diseases. There presence provide us a sense of relief. They can instantly make us to a hero from zero.

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