bike stunt

I don’t know what this guy is actually doing. He have a motorbike with two good tyres, then why is he riding at one wheel ? Even if its a stunt, who allowed the guy to perform it in the middle of  the public road. This is crazy and madness to the extreme. People lose life doing such things. I think the guy was literally showing off and lost balance in the middle of the road. By god’s grace he didn’t had any serious injury. What if there was a bus or lorry behind the biker ? It would have pasted him on the road. I can’t think of such a worse situation. These youngsters should behave in a more responsible way rather than doing such creepy things.
The guy in the footage starts the bike near a girl and moves in one direction, that too very fastly. Suddenly he comes back and moves in the other direction quickly in a dangerous manner. The guy doesn’t stops there and comes back again. This time he does something ambitious in his bike and things didn’t went that smooth. The guy tried to lift the front wheel of the bike and managed to move a small distance. Suddenly the guy lost his balance and landed on his back. Luckily the guy managed to escape without any serious injuries. I am sure that he is going to have some difficulty to sit properly for some days.
Bike stunts are extremely dangerous and only professionals should be performed. The boy in the footage is the perfect example for people who perform stunts without proper practise. This is the end result.


Government’s new decision to make helmet compulsory for petrol filling will definitely increase the number of helmet thieves. Helmet theft from parked vehicles is not a new thing. A cycle lock of Rs 25 can easily prevent this. These can used with much ease than the older helmet locks.

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Before buying,make sure that the cable is thick and strong. Even though robbers with strong cutting blades can get through the helmet, it is safer to leave your helmet in a lock rather than leaving it in open air.

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