Black Money India

Ban on 500,1000 notes not only disturbed the common man’s life but also the channel of Havala groups. They are searching new techniques to continue their money supply somehow. These groups have kept crores of rupees in their personal locker. Naturally the move became a hit for these people who doesn’t have any source to show. Some people in the group said that they have tried to supply the money maximum even after the declaration of the ban.

The parallel bank of havala groups work by the capital of 50 or 100 crore rupees which they have kept in their personal lockers. For the sake of transport these groups collect money mainly in 500, 1000 rupee notes. These people are trying hard to overcome the ban of central government and continue their business. These groups are mainly centered at Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad from where which they sent money to Kerala. Even after the ban these people continued their business as usual. They are also claiming that they have some shortcuts which can bypass central government’s decision. Anyway the central government decision have stopped their usual flow of work

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