Now i have seen everything in life. A self balancing Motorcycle, a thing which is not even in my far far dreams. Yes you have heard it right. The automaker giant BMW has developed a new version of Motorcycle. This smart motorcycle unveiled by the BMW is the latest hot topic on Internet.

The motorcycle is named as BMW motorrad vision Next 100. This is seen as the big leap of the giant car makers in all corners. This is the first time a company have been able to deliver these kind of motorcycles successfully.

The biggest specialty of this motorcycle is that the rider of this motorcycle doesn’t need a helmet or other safety gears. The motorcycle has been presented as the part of the company’s 100 years celebration.

The company have planned alot of plans at the event of 100 years. The technology world has been waiting for this for a long time and ultimately it came with a bang.

The motorcycle can balance itself in any situation. This feature will protect the rider from injuries. Due to this extra ordinary facility, the future riders can enjoy the ride in a good manner without any safety concerns.

The prototype of the vehicle is launched at the grand event conducted by the company. Company is planning to introduce the motorcycle in the market by 2030. They also said that the vehicle is not a completely automatic one.

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