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Breakfast is the important meal of the day. Skipping it is not a good idea for your health. Many people skip breakfast just to reduce calorie intake. Actually this is not good. It could have serious effects on your body.

The major problem of skipping breakfast is that it affects your heart. According to a latest study, people who skip breakfast are prone to have heart attack. So take breakfast regularly and cut the chances of heart attack. Hypertension is also seen in people who skips breakfast.

Higher chances of diabetes is the other harmful effect of skipping breakfast. It have chances of making you diabetic more than a 50 percent. Many people cut the morning food just to reduce weight. But what actually happens in their body is a reverse action.

When you skip morning food, you have a natural tendency to go sugary and fatty foods for the entire day. So these food items are definitely going to increase the calorie intake than usual. So if you are thinking of skipping breakfast, trust me, it is going to do bad rather than good for you.

Another important problem is the decrease in energy level. Break fast is the food which supplies energy for our body. If you are not consuming it, you are gonna lack energy for the whole day and a shade of negativity will appear on you.

Many studies have also prove that this behaviour can also induce cancer in your body. As you all know cancer have thousand reasons to get into your body. Don’t pave a pathway for them by skipping breakfast. These are also a cause of some intense migraines. Skipping of energy meal could trigger hair loss.

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