How cancer attacks human body?

How cancer attacks human body? – Cancer is one of the most deadly disease that we commonly found in our society. One of the easiest way to fight cancer is to detect it early and treat it. Usually the symptoms for cancer are very small, so people tend to ignore it. We will discuss some of the usually seen cancer symptoms that we are unaware of.

If you notice blood in your pee, immediately contact your doctor for a check up. It is the first symptom of cancer in kidneys or bladder. Some times blood comes as a result of urinary infection, but don’t take the risk. Check it and make sure that it is not cancer.

If you notice a strange change in your colour of your skin, then consult a doctor. It may be the start of skin cancer. To confirm it, doctor have to do a biopsy test by testing a small portion of your skin. Swollen lymph nodes are also a symptom of cancer.

Trouble in swallowing food is a symptom of stomach cancer. It also causes weight
Loss and frequent vomiting. Continuous heartburn is the starting symptom of throat cancer. Frequent fever is the main symptom of blood cancer.

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