car stunt with Arab change car tyres while driving

I don’t know whether it’s some kind of trick or genuine. But the guys doing this might had a lot of practice to do something like this. One faulty move and you are gone. It is an extremely dangerous move. Only an expert can do only things like this.

Please don’t try this at home, if you don’t have the proper knowledge about these stunts. Otherwise it is gonna end very bad for you. we often see stunt drivers driving on on two wheels. They get one side of the car off from the ground and drive it in an inclined way. This thing takes a lot of effort to execute. But the guys here are doing something extra to it and it is very adventurous.

Nobody can do it without failing at least one time. Do you what is the cost of failure in this stunt ? A failure means that you are rolling your car upside down. sometimes it may lead to serious injuries. Many of the stunt masters have agreed that they have rolled their car a number of time and paid the price.

Often cars roll because of other problems. sometimes due to excess pressure in both the tyres, the tyre have to tendency to explode. The failure also depends upon the potholes and condition of the stunt area. During stunt performance you have maintain the car at medium speed. 40 – 50 km\hr is perfect for the performance.

Always check your tyre pressure before doing something like this. Also check the condition of gear in your vehicle . if  It is not in proper working condition it may damage your stunt. Don’t vary the speed too much as it will affect the balance. You should know balance is everything.

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