A waiter of a famous hotel in China poured hot water over the head of the customer. The waiter’s action is a revenge to the customer’s complaint that service is not good. The court has slammed the waiter a fine of Rs 23 lakh rupees and a term of 22 months. The incident took place in a hotel named ‘Hotspot’.

The victim is 23 years old female named Lin. She went to the hotel with her friends and family. WHen the incident took place, her mother and seven month old baby was present near her. The waiter poured the hot water behind her back and pushed her to the ground. He also tried to beat her. The man continued her assault even after other tried to stop him. The entire visuals of the incident was recovered from the CCTV placed at the hotel. The lady who had several burns in her body was rushed to the nearest hospital.

The lady fined a complaint for a compensation about 65 lakhs. But the court only granted her 23 lakhs. But the court verdict clearly states that the hotel have to pay the treatment bill of Lin as the incident took place in working hours. The lady has undergone plastic surgery and needs further treatment. The skin of the lady already started to peel itself.

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