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Tata nano is soon going to lost his place as the cheapest and smallest car in the industry. Other companies have entered the small car arena and R&D is going one. For those who can’t afford costly cars, Tata is not an option anymore. The latest addition to the list is Bajaj RE60. Industrialists have already predicted that the model of car introduced by baja is going to give tough competition to Nano. Nano is venture owned by tata and costs between one and two lakh.

If you consider Bajaj Re60 as another cheap low quality car, then you are wrong. It is one of the most fuel efficient car in the whole world. Car is cheap, it doesn,t mean that it’s emission rate is high. The biggest merit of the car is that it has low emission and helps to keep the environment clean. Even though Bajaj RE60 is widely acclaimed as a car, the company introduced it as a four wheeler vehicle. It has enough space to carry four people.

Ok, the car is small but the technology associated with the model is not so small. The car could be used as an improved version of Auto rickshaw or taxi. The car definitely aim families who are looking for a small car. The car is definitely better than nano. Compared to nano, RE60 is a light weighted vehicle and easily handable. The four wheeler already have enquirers from abroad. The technology of the car can match any costlier car in the market. Car has an excellent design and the look of the car will raise many eyebrows. So lets wait for the grand release of the car.

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16 Responses

  1. sunil says:

    I. Like. This. Vehicle

  2. D.MARGABANDU says:


  3. Nandikara Parasuraman says:

    I want to buy one car

  4. Amoo mohammed says:

    Very nice car I intrest this car

  5. Arvindakshan Menon says:

    Good Car Common People’s

  6. Elvin Philip Thomas says:

    Once comes out India I will buy

  7. Jayarajan Mathew says:

    Very bad look compare This vehicle autoriksha not a car .please modify front, back &side. (i help your Yummy atractive model desighn )

  8. John Abraham says:

    For Indian climate you should have provided glass to the windows . Otherwise it is a fine car .

  9. K.SANTHOSHKUMAR . MOB , NO. 9446374626 says:


  10. Afeef bin ali says:

    Any idea about its rate ?

  11. Manosh Mohan says:

    who can i buy the car Bajaj RE60

  12. nahas says:

    Good iwand car

  13. G.Jayachandran says:

    a car for the poor.good idea,Thanks bajaj !

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