China Has Opened The World’s Longest Sea Bridge

China has made many wonder in recent time. If you remember they have recently opened a glass bridge at the top of a mountain. But this one is better than that. They have made the longest sea bridge in the whole world. The bridge is named as Jiaozhou bridge and have a length of 26.4 miles.


The specialty of the bridge is that it links China’s eastern port city of Qingdao to the offshore island Huangdao. The bridge has been made with a whooping budget of one billion euro. The long bridge is 110 feet wide.

The long bridge is supported with 5000 pillars. Chinese government has been working on the project for years. The long term planning is clearly evident on the bridge. It also have a undersea tunnel. Now the bridge is open for traffic. But never dream of crossing the bridge by walking.


The bridge have a length of marathon distance, so it is impossible. The pervious longest sea bridge was The lake Pontchartain causeway in Louisiana. China’s bridge is three miles longer than that bridge.

During the opening of the bridge various programmes were conducted on the sides of the bridge. A team of band played with flags and banners. Two groups of workers were used to construct the bridge since 2006.


The china is also making another bridge which would broke the record in a couple of years. The upcoming bridge is made with a amount of 6.5 billion Euros and will have a length of 30 miles.

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