CTV visuals of a tragic accident

Here is the CCTV visuals of a tragic accident that took place in Ahmedabad. The footage was captured in one of the CCTV camera placed at the spot. The content in the video could be disturbing for some people. So watch it at your risk.

The accident took place when the old lady with her granddaughter was trying to cross the road. The old lady named jainath thomas lost her life at the spot. The granddaughter has been admitted to the hospital with some serious injuries. Jainath is a resident of Mumbai and came to Ahmedabad to visit her granddaughter’s place.

The tragic accident happened when the old lady went shopping with her granddaughter. WHen they were crossing the road, a car came out of nowhere and hit them. As the result of the collision both were thrown to several metres away from from the spot. The car didn’t stopped after the collision and speeded away. The witnesses clearly stated that the car was overspeeding. Search operations are going on for the car driver. The car is identified as Hyundai I20.

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