How to detect Facebook virus

Facebook users are really worried about the new virus on the platform. Have you noticed unknown people uploading your photo in facebook ? We tend to click the photo because of the anxiety. But friends, be careful. A single click on these photos or videos can push you to various advertisements and video sites. Normally you forgot the incident by thinking it as the job of some naughty friend. The fact is that it is the latest virus trending on the social media platforms. It works repeatedly on your wall.

Also when we click these links, Malwares enter into our mobiles and computers in a matter of seconds. These malwares does these things again and again without our permission. As the virus is spreaded through facebook, antivirus softwares in phone and computer fails to identify this threat. There are some ways to check whether you are a victim of this video virus

1) Click the icon on the right side of the facebook. Our activity login is seen there. So if something has happened in the account without our permission, you can easily identify that.

2) Go to settings option and click on the menu ‘Apps’. You can analyze the apps you have subscribed and can remove unwanted apps from your account.

Some people were able to remove/delete the virus link. But some others failed to login to the facebook once they had clicked the link. In this case, use another computer and change the password of your account. Browser uninstallation also helps in some cases. As a prevention method check your browser add ons and plug ins.

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