dubsmash – malayalam

This is one of the best dubsmash i have seen ever. The girl’s name is sanusha and has excellent future in acting. The way she is acting is amazing. In my opinion she is a good prospect for malayalam film industry.

The way she is portraying the comedy roles is excellent and adorable. It would be a huge loss for malayalam film industry if she doesn’t get into film arena. That’s the way she is making expressions in her face. I bet you will watch it a second time to enjoy the cute acting once again.

Dubsmash is a popular video messaging application. It was launched in the year 2014. It has become a huge success within a short span of time. The video application allows the user to record a video with any sound running on background. The sound used in background can be anything. It can be movies, albums even ads are used in the Application.

In short you can use anything you want in this application. The another specialty of the application is that the user can use animations and filters in it. The videos can be saved and sent through other social media platforms.

The application have a wide range of fans. the application is used by common people to super actors. We have earlier presented you a compilation of dubsmash videos done by our actors. I thinks this one is way way better than that and you are going to love it for sure.

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