Egg allegation –

The kerala health department has come forward with a statement that the alleged fake eggs are not fake. The eggs have been confirmed as real ones after a number of tests by the government.

They also said that Hardness of the egg shell is due to the temperature change in the atmosphere. The tests were conducted at veterinary lab, thrissur. The alleged fake eggs were compared with the real ones in the university and found out that both have same materials.

There are no traces of chemicals or plastic in the eggs. But the tested eggs were very old ones and had kept in the freezer for a long time. The officials are assuming that this is the reason for the hardness of the eggs.

The egg lost his taste and smell due to this reason. Anyway checking is still going for eggs which was said to be burning like plastic. But the primary investigation have proved that all the eggs are real ones and safe to consume.

A large number of eggs seized from Trivandrum and Idduki is yet to test in the lab. Only after this test, the poultry department will submit its final report to the health department. The final report of the egg testing is expected in three days.

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