Electricity meter

How many of you know the working principle of electricity meter ? In early days many people have tried to cheat electricity board and save electricity. Some of them had succeeded in this, but some have failed terribly and got caught by officials.

Electricity theft is a serious crime and can induce huge penalties on the owner. Earlier meters were simple in construction and were easy to theft. but the whole situation has changed now. with advent of new electric meters, nobody till now has been able to find a technique to steal electricity from.

Even though it is simple job for an expert, the electricity board has made it complex by their locking system. To steal the electricity one have to break the locks placed in the meter. It is not an easy thing to do and official can easy identify a broken lock. So nobody has dared to do so. he nest possibility is what if someone tries broke the lock of another man’s meter to intentionally trap him? This is possible and you may have no knowledge about your broken lock in your electricity meter.

But you can be arrested and charged heavily for the theft as the proves are against you. There is no scientific evidence to prove that you haven’t broke the lock. so you are getting trapped very well.

So if you are still wondering how can a man enter your compound and broke the lock when you are there ? please don’t even think so. This may happen when you are not a the home or during the sleeping time at night. People can jump into your compound for a five minutes and set the trap. At the same time they can inform the officials to trap you.

It is a serious issue and the officials take no time to reach your home. Thus the trap is perfectly laid for you. A non expert man can broke thr lock and bridge the wires in two minutes. So regularly checking the meter is the only escape route for you. As soon as you find something fishy about the meter contact the officials.

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