Elephants are one of the largest mammals present on the earth. In which male African elephants are the biggest. They can have a height of 4m and wiegh about 7000 kg. The breathe through their trunk. The trunk of the elephant is called as proboscis. They have large ear flaps which helps to control body temperature. Legs look like pillar and are designed to carry huge weight. Even though humongous in size, they are herbivorous. They mostly prefer to live near water as the place is suitable for the living.

Elephants are often peaceful in nature. They co exist with other animals. Elephants after training is very useful for human beings. Even though they look black in colour, they are grey. With its long trunk it can even pick up a small needle. Perhaps elephant is the strongest animal in the world. They live in groups called herds. MIn food items are small twigs, fruits like banana, sugarcane etc. During ancient period the animals were used for transportation and in wars. today in circuses elephants play a vital role.

The biggest threat the elephants currently facing is habitat loss. Intervention of human being and climate changes have led to the stage where elephants cannot stay any more in their natural habitat. In places near jungles the elephants can be seen roaming around the villages. This is due to the destruction of their natural habitat. According to climate projections, the elephant habitats will become further hotter and drier. This will led to the poor calf survival ratio of the elephants. Human being taking over more and more elephant habitat will lead to the extinction of these gigantic animals.

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