Epic Robbery Fail

We have seen many epic CCTV visuals in our day to day life. But this one is born to top the chart. The video here shows a robbery failure in a shop.

CCTV’s are usually placed for surveillance from robbers and external threats. It has a large number of benefits. These recording machines can act as theft preventers. If a robber knows that your properties are protected by video recording he will never try to rob you as it will nail him. He will never have a second thought.

CCTV’S are not only used in houses but also in places where extreme monitoring is required such as banks, ATMs, hospitals etc. Other than the purpose of security it also tend to increase the output of the place where it is installed. Workers normally work hard, when they realise that they are being watched by there superiors. Robbers never try to rob in CCTV placed shop, as they will expose themselves.

CCTV’S also work as an early warning system. It gives warning to the owner if a suspicious activity is going around. At certain times it automatically inform police about the mishap. For eg there are fire detection CCTV circuits, which detects fire and activates fire alarm. Some times it sends message to fire force.

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