Epic Robbery

We have seen many theft in our life, but this one is epic and hilarious. We had showed a lot cctv theft footages, but is this is different from all. A family is trying to rob a shop and gets caught on CCTV. It is even hard to stop a single man from stealing. When a full family comes for theft, what to say more. Just think of the staffs working there, there are gonna get their salary cut because of this family.

Robbery is grade one crime described as taking somebody’s property without there permission. Usually CCTV’s are placed to prevent robbery. Thieves will have a second thought before stealing from a CCTV observed property. But sometimes they are unaware of the fact that there is a cctv placed in the property and falls in the trap. Most of the times they get instantly caught by the observer in the cctv room. Sometimes the owner don’t realise that there is a theft took place. When he realises he check the cctv footages and confirm it. If he is not able to catch the robbers himself, the owner might take the help of police.

Thus CCTVs are of great help and is essential for shops and other factories. CCTV also increases the output in factories. When workers realise that they have been constantly watched by somebody, they work more and hence output increases.

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