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Many people in our society struggles from eye problems. They think that they are permanent and cannot be rectified at all. This is a false statement and many modern techniques have evolved to solve these problems. There are also some home medicines which will help you to recover your eyesight. Today we are going to discuss about some home remedies that can bring the eyesight back.

First step is to eat dry fruits. Consume dry fruits as much as possible. Eat 6 to 10 almond and 15 dry grapes a day. Put these things in water one night before and consume it in the early morning. make sure that you are eating it before consuming anything. The vitamins in the dry fruits helps to increase the digestion process and removes dirt from the body. This way it clears the eye problems.

Another method is by the combination of sugar and coriander. the method of preparation is clearly said in the video. It is a type of eye drop, so make sure that the solution is not sensitive your eyes before using it. Drink plenty of carrot juice. A large amount of vitamins and antioxidants are present in carrot juice. Also drink water kept in copper vessel. This also helps to solve eye issues. Consuming spinach also helps to increase eye vision.

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