Fake Milk

We always hear milk is good for health from childhood. Milk is a complete food which provides nutrients to people in every age. India is world’s largest milk producer and consumer. The demand for milk in our country is very high. But do you know that 68% of milk we use is either fake or mixed with artificial ingredients?

Yes, it is true. The 68% of milk we use in India is fake. This lightning truth was revealed in the statement presented by FSSAI in high court. In urban areas the fake milk is upto 69%. If you want to know the intensity of the matter, then you should how this fake is produced in our country. The video shown here shows the ways in which this fake milk is produced.

The fake milk is created by mixing 200ml shampoo, one litre refined oil and half litre milk. To the solution, another mixture of 15l water with milk powder is added. To maintain the starch level, urea and sugar is added. To match the density of the milk, CFC powder is added. For preservation ourposes, caustic soda is used. In this way, 20 litre fake milk can be created in 10 minutes.

It looks exactly similar to real milk. So identification of fake milk is tough. This milk cab cause cancer, liver diseases and diabetes. These fake milk is mainly used in hotels and bakeries.

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