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Here is something new and something we all should have a look into it. The footage shows a online delivery boy cheating his customer. Luckily he was caught in the god’s eye, CCTV. Eventhough there are many incidents in which the theft has been caught in CCTV camera,

this is something new. The man here is doing a new trick and we haven’t seen this so regular. After watching this you should be very aware the next time when you buy something on Cash on delivery. These kinds of things are also going to affect the reputation of online shopping sites.

As usual the delivery boy enters the home to deliver the package. The owner has ordered something by cash on delivery. For those who don’t know what is cash on delivery, it is an option provided by the online shopping site to pay for your things ordered at the time of delivery directly to the delivery boy. The boy hands over the package to the owner.

At the same time the owner gives the money to the delivery boy and the owner becomes busy in checking the new product. As soon the boy realised that the owner is not looking at him, he steals a five hundred rupee note from the bundle and keep it inside of his shirt. The he starts counting money as nothing as happened. He counted the money twice and said to the owner that a five hundred is missing from the price. How cool is the idea !

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