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We have seen many varieties of fishes. Have you seen this much fish close to seashore ? It is a rare scene and the man in the footage is feeding them, that’s why they are roaming around the man. Eventhough it is nice visual, the fishes roaming around him is not so nice. They are a group of tunas and sting rays. They can be dangerous at times. These aquatic organisms change their behaviour in a matter of minute. These things never give a second chance and a hit from the sting can cause severe damage. Often people forget these things in their cuteness and ends up in bad situations. So think twice before going near these things.

Whenever people see a sting ray, they remember the great steve Irwin. He is famous by his name crocodile hunter and lost his life to a sting ray. The expert was shooting near a sting ray. The ray got stucked in his body and the sting pierced through the heart of the great man. So one should be very careful always while playing with these creatures. Even a expert like steve irwin got challenged by it. So an ordinary man will feel the heat. So think a thousand times before going near them too close and feeding them.

Stingrays are a type of rays with stings on their tail. They use it for self defense. The sting has a length of 35 cm and is very dangerous. It has a venom gland which produces venom. There also rays without venom. It is difficult to differentiate both types for an ordinary man. The flat body the animal helps in floating. It is mostly seen in sandy areas. Their favourite food is coral reefs.

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