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This is an epic call made by idea telecom company customer care executive to a customer. The conversation starts usually and ends hilariously. This is one of he best customer care conversation i had ever heard. Even the executive cannot succeed to hold her laugh. Eventhough many funny customer care conversations are available on the internet, this one nailed it and is funny to the extreme. You will laugh atleast 5 minutes after hearing this.

Idea ia telecom company founded on 1995 and headquartered in mumbai. The owner of the telecom company is Kumar mangalam Birla. The total revenue of the company is Rs 354 billion. It has a customer base of 160 billion. The company releases one of the most stunning advertisements to attract people from all corners. You might know their slogan ‘ an idea can change your life’. It offers 2G, 3G and 4G services to its customers. The idea has a market share of 19 percent and is far ahead of other telecom providers. Idea gained the most number of customers from mobile number portability.

But the introduction of Jio can make worry telecom brands including Idea. In the view of other service providers, reliance jio is a terrific competition for them. Considering the extent of circle jio is having, it is a hard nut to crack.Jio’s introductory offers have stunned other telecom companies. They have offered Free internet till the month of December.. No service provider is providing 2g at this rate. To compete with jio, other service providers must reduce there 4G rates considerably low.

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