Funny dance – must watch

Here is man doing some crazy steps after drinking alcohol. It is funny to the core and one cannot watch it without laughing. Even though we have seen many videos like this this is extremely funny. If you are in tension this is going to relieve you definitely. There is no medicine better then laughter to release tension. This footage of the dancing man provides everything we need. Even though it is restricted to do things like this after drinking alcohol, this man is something spontaneous.

These things can be often seen America’s night out parties. It will be something amazing to watch hundreds of young ladies running and cheering each other in school girl costumes. Yes! It is going to happen soon. A girls night out has been arranged by the authorities in Los Angeles California and the theme of the party is to be dressed up like school girls. It’s the perfect time for the girls to get together and cherish their childhood memories once again. The theme of the party has been set in such a way to attract large number of women, who are stuck at home with their daily work. It will be a great relief for them from their routine boring work.

In these kind of parties people often loose control of themselves and do stupid things. But in kerala this is not a party thing and happens daily. So it is not a new thing for kerala people. We often see these kind of people on roads.

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