funny dance performance

This is an epic dance of a daughter and her father during the occasion of wedding. The guests came for the wedding stayed stunned after watching this amazing performance from the daughter and father.

The incident took place at one of the wedding sites in Washington. When both came to the stage for wedding party celebrations, nobody expected such a performance from them. The dance started as ordinary wedding dance.

But within seconds the music changed its gears to hip hop from classical. Later it changed to rap and pop. When the daughter and father throwed steps according to the steps, the whole dance become a feast for the guests. The daughter Phelps is a dancer by profession. but her father Nathan is an ordinary salesman.

The dance also stunned Nathan’s wife who had no clue about the dancing skills of Nathan. Nathan always wanted make the wedding a memorable one. That’s why he decided to dance with her daughter.

The father- daughter couple practised for two weeks before entering into the stage. The dance was composed of more than 10 different songs. The groom Kody also supported the dance. In the video he also makes some moves with them. But all credits goes to Nathan for his efforts.

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