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Advertisements are usually used to promote or sell something. We see a hundred of advertisements daily. But only a few of them stuck in our mind. There are some reasons for why we find these ads so attractive. The first thing is the presentation of the ad. Sometimes the tone of the ad attract us. Sharp colours like yellow, blue and red tend to attract us more in the advertisements.

The logic is that the reach of the advertisement increases with the colourful presentation. Advertisements are also used to promote harmful things like cigarette, tobacco etc. It has a negative effect on the people. In ancient period advertisements were depicted in rocks or walls with colourful chalks and other colour pencils. These were the medium at that time. Now the things are completely changed and new things are implemented on a daily basis in advertisement arena. People always get attracted to new and funny things. So the success of the ad lies in its presentation. So we can say that the reach of a advertisement among people is directly proportional to the presentation of the ad.

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