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Many people depend on hotel food in a daily basis. Whether it is necessary or unnecessary, hotel food have become a lifestyle for them. People thinks that they are saving huge amount of time eating them.

Most of the hotels serves food items which are prepared quickly. These food items are called fast food. The only advantage of these food items is that it saves time. It has more disadvantages than advantages. It absolutely provides no nutrients to the body. But these food items add large amount of calories to our body.

The peculiarity of the fast food items is that it will attract you in all forms such as colour, taste and smell. It quickly adds weight to your but doesn’t add a single quantity of vitamins or minerals. They also cause some serious side effects.

The main side effect of the fast food is obesity. On a regular consumption, the food adds weight to your body in a rapid manner you can’t even imagine. Also these food items keeps you away from fresh and healthy foods.

According to recent studies 80% of people consuming fast food have a chance of heart diseases. It creates a much higher risk of diseases due to the fat content in it.

The fat molecules can easily block arteries and can cause serious trouble in short span of time. Diseases like diabetes, ulcer etc are also caused by the consumption of fast food items.

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