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The internet giant google has launched a new app called Google translate. The main feature of the application is that can translate things into any language which the user is needed. Whether you need it in Malayalam or Tamil, google translate will help you to read it in your favourite language. Owing to these stunning features millions of people have downloaded the application in a short span of time. The app is also available on IOS app store with same features. The app is also trending on the IOS app store.

The application can be used for the conversion to 103 languages. The app users have to copy and paste from any other application into the google translate. Then click translate menu and your translation will be seen on the screen instantly. The application helps people to understand things in their own language. The camera of the phone can also be used to translate to 29 languages instantly. Pictures and screenshots of texts can also be translated into your favourite language using the new app.There is also another option for two way mode translation in 37 languages.

The phrasebook in the application works similar to starred messages in whats-app.The user can translate things and save it for future use. The app has also feature to draw characters with your hands. The biggest advantage of the app is that it works even in offline mode.

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  1. babuathiyannoor says:

    Very Nice

  2. babuathiyannoor says:

    Very Nice

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    Most important this app

  4. This is very important Apps please sent me the same

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