Gulumal –

We all the like the programme Gulumal. It is one of the highly rated prank show in malayalam Television industry. The show is telecasted on surya tv in every sundays. The half hour of the show is throughly enjoyable. Often the show chooses some favourite celebrity as guest and ultimately lead them to trouble. No matter how they tried to avoid this, the cast is so talented that they can lead them into any trouble. Sometimes the cast irritates the guest too much that they have to raise there hands to stop the prank. When they realise about the prank, they feel embarassed themselves.

The prank show was a trademark one for the surya tv and has been broadcasting it for many years. The earlier show was named as Tharikida. It was one of the best show ever made in television arena. Even after many years after the telecast the show is still remembered by the people. Even now when our people try to execute a prank, they would say tharikida at the end of the show. Youngesters, college students etc follow this like a trend. There are people like Tharikida sabu who entered the film arena just because of the show. The new show is replica of the previous hit version and is renamed as Gulumal. It is running successfully on surya tv.

Surya Tv is a famous malayalam channel of the sun network. The channel started its working in 1998. The channel currently have two studios in kerala. One in thiruvanathapuram and another in kochi. Kochu tv and kiran tv are the sister channels of the surya tv. The channel is also available in singapore region.

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