health tips – how to flat stomach

Today we are showing you some exercises that can reduce fat from your body within days. These are very helpful and results can be seen in 10 days. Follow a strict diet and proper exercises you can reduce the weight in 10 days.

The basic step to reduce weight is to take few calories and burn excess calories in the body. Self determination is needed to achieve loss of weight in a short span of time. You have to hold yourself when you see a plate of cup cakes or ice creams. Never ever think that diet is over.

With the exercises keep a food diary of what you are eating. This is gonna give you a better idea about the things you are eating in excess. Take a look at the diary and try to cut down the excess calories. If you have a habit of drinking soft drinks cut it out.

It is the primary source of calories into your body. According to the latest studies it can even add upto 12 kgs to your body a year. Cut the time for Tv watching and use it for walking. It can do wonders for you.

Make a hobby of walking up and downstairs. Spent atleast 10 minutes for it. Also make a habit of walking 5 minutes in every two hours. Completely avoid things like snacks, sugar or salty and packed food items.

They are very high in calories and can add quick wait to your body. Use small plates for dinner, that will make you feel that you are eating too much.

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