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We are showing you an amazing story of a man who is a social worker as well as a good human being. Don’t ever dare to think that it is a cooked story. Also it not for promotion of his personality. This is Ibrahimkutty from Preambra. He is a popular social worker in this area and had done many good things for the society. Recently his daughter’s marriage got fixed. As a part of inviting people for the marriage, he went to naryanankutty’s house. The latter have three daughters and was really struggling. First daughter’s marriage took place a year ago and now it is the turn of second one. Without a second thought Ibhramkutty said that he is ready to conduct second daughter, seena’s marriage in the same auditorium as his daughter Isha’s.

It was something delightful for the old man who was struggling to find a rhythm in his life. Seena’s younger sister is studying. Isha’s marriage was decided to conduct on Saturday, but seena’s marriage was set on sunday according to sunday. The marriage took place in the nearby temple with the presence of Ibrahimkutty. He also agreed to take over the burden of studies of seena’s sister. they are also planning to build a house for them. The kind man has been felicitated by the temple authority for his social activities and sincerity. We should all take this man as our role model.

This is something awesome. We need these type of people more and more for our society.These kind of people are a asset to our society and they provides enlightenment to other people also. In my opinion we should follow this amazing man. What the man did here is proving that humanity still exists in our society. These kind of activities should be laudable and must be promoted to encourage more people.

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