Honest shopkeeper

Here is a honest shopkeeper who tried to sell his goods at a lower price. But what he got in return is terrible. We don’t often men like him in our society. Honest and welfare minded people are very rare in our society.

He is an example for this. In my opinion all shop owners should follow his path and should sell things at a reasonable price by not troubling common people.The guts and courage shown by the man against threats is laudable.

The incident happened in the busy kayamkulam market. A shopkeeper who tried to sell goods at a lower price has been threatened by the other shop owners. They also filed a complaint against him in the nearby police station.

On the basis of the complaint, the police authorities have asked the honest man to summon himself at the police station. So the man decided to spread the news through Facebook live streaming. It was successful and news spread everywhere. ordinary people have supported him by sharing the news everywhere. The incident shows the power of common man who can do anything.

The man also said that he is not ready to go to the police station as he has not done any crime. He only tried to sell his items at a genuine price. The man also revealed the reason behind his pricing. He has no intermediaries, that’s why he was able to reduce his price considerably. He also call his market mayamkulam instead of kayamkulam. maymkulam means land of fake items.
We should support people like him who works in favour of common people.

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