Hover board ride

Here is something new and innovative from a man named Franky zapata. He has set the guinness world record for the farthest hover board flight. We have seen these things in many movies. Most of them are not real. They are created with the help CGI or VFX. We didn’t thought of that thing becoming a reality till now. But it has happened now and the man zapata has delivered it in style.The man is literally flying in the air with his hover board powered by turbine. It is a spectacular and breathe taking view.

Zapata made the Guinness record this year and has been provided with an official record by the officials in an public ceremony. The record breaking attempt was conducted at the coast of sausset les pins, which lies in the south of France. Zapata managed to set a new record of 2252 meters. The previous record was 275 meters. The fly board used by him is made by his company Zapata racing. He is also the french jet ski champion. Guinness officials have confirmed that the hover board was made according to the specifications.

Zapata racing made hover board can reach a maximum height of 10000 feet. It can also attain a maximum speed of 150 kilometers per hour. Large number of people were waiting along the coast to see this historic attempt by zapata. At a later time he revealed that he has done a lot of hardwork behind this machine and it is a work of a lifetime. The company had previously developed a wide range of water propelled vehicles. But this is different from everything. It can stay in air upto 10 minutes.

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