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Amazing honey collection technique –  When you drink honey, it so sweet that you may not have the time to remember the efforts people had put to take honey. Literally, people risks life for honey. Honey collection is a risky process.

The video shown here shows a group of people trying to collect honey from a large honeycomb. Large honeycombs are very dangerous as they have larger number of bees. These bees sometimes can cause serious injuries and can lead to death.

Even though there are many techniques invented for honey collection, people still gets hurt by honey collection. Many people still people still use smoke for honey collection. This is one of the conventional technique used in the honey collection arena.

Since Honey have high medicinal values, it is very valuable in market. That’s why people risk there life for such a small amount of honey.

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  1. abbass says:

    i read Germany largest honey producing country in world , but it exports 9 times more than production , in Pakistan one of person known to me worked in honey producing factory , from sugar cane , so now Pakistan have abundant honey for self use rather now started exports so whom to believe to get real honey ,

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