Just married and got arrested

A newly married couple have been held in police station for 3 hours for a nothing case. The incident took place at Guruvayoor yesterday.

As early scheduled, the marriage of the couple Vishnu S Prabha from Thacharazhikkathu and his wife Raji from Thrissur took place at premises of Guruvayoor temple. Things went smooth till they left for groom’s house after the lunch. The newly wed couple set off in Vishnu’s car. The driver of the car went early due to personal commitments. So Vishnu was driving the car.

When the car reached east nada of the temple, it was stopped by police. Then only vishnu realised that he is moving on a one way road in the opposite direction. As per the police orders, he decided to go back. When Vishnu reversed the car, he accidentally scratched the leg of a police officer who was on duty.


The police got angry and took the newly wed couple in custody instead of charging a petty case. The couple was seated in Guruvayoor police station for nearly 3 hours. The repeated pleading of relatives went unheard by the police. The couple were released only after 3 hours, after there scheduled time of ceremony. The injured police man is identified as Nibin.
Isn’t this media hypocrisy? Everyone should know what actually happened there. On 7/7/16 a vehicle which had broken the one way have been stopped at Rv curve by a police officer. The police man warned the driver about the one way. The driver neglected the officer’s warning and continued to move on the one way in opposite direction. After Few minutes , this vehicle have been sent back by an another police officer at manjulal post. On the way back, the car hit the police officer who stopped the car initially for breaking the one way. Then the driver jumped out of the car and starred to use abusive language to the police officers who were on duty. The 3 hours custody time said in the news was the time taken to give the injured officer first aid and also the time taken for argument with his relatives. Please remember that police are also human and they also have a family.

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  1. Radhakrishnan-C says:

    The New Government has done a good Job, as earlier promised. This should be followed by every one.

  2. Jack Davis says:

    Very good video on line

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