jwellery – incident

We have seen many thefts in jwellery and this is so different from them. The burglars came as a family here. They consist of two ladies and a young man. They didn’t noticed that a CCTV camera is focused on them. In my opinion they have planned for the theft even before coming. They have no intention of buying anything and just messing with the sales person here and there. It is the common trick applied by these people, just to draw the attention of sales person from them.

CCTV’s have changed the way people live. In this case without the help of CCTV thy wouldn’t have acquired the details about the thief. The sale person would be astonished to see the missing of bangles in the list. He had no clue who look it. In his mind he will thinking like, he was there all the time and then who took it. This is the case a ten years back. with the introduction of cameras the things have completely changed and everything can be sort out quickly.

CCtV’s are often placed in remote areas where people can’t find it at first look. These cameras can prevent crime form occurring. This is the biggest advantage of CCTV. There are some cameras which works in an automatic manner. If something unusual happens around you it will directly contact police and inform about the same in a matter of seconds. It is also a way to keep eye on suspicious people.

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